Bimini Bahamas - Swim with Stingrays

Bimini Bahamas ... it not all about the world class deep sea fishing.  There are a boatload of other cool things to do when you visit Bimini

One of the most fun adventures is feeding stingrays in nearby Honeymoon Harbor. If you bring a bucket of squid, they'll flock to you like puppies. This photos shows Bimini Sands Department Co-Director Katie Grudecki with a family knee-deep in rays enjoying the experience!

This is not a concrete tank that you hop into, but crystal clear Bahamian water.  Shouldn't you come for a visit to the Bahamas soon?

Bimini Bahamas - A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Bimini Bahamas ... It is still officially winter, but is there ever a "bad" time on Bimini?

A sunny Sunday afternoon in March and what better than to stroll along the beach and visit some friends.  Anita who lives right on the beach on South Bimini has wonderful stories to tell since she first came here in the 60's.

Here is the view from her porch ....

The secluded and pristine beaches is really what Bimini Bahamas is all about ... that is when you are not fishing or diving .. LOL!

Bimini Bahamas is certainly not for everyone ... if you need 24/7 entertainment the pace might be too slow for you, but if you need to wind down from a hectic lifestyle, then perhaps you should pack your bags and join us!  Just let me know and I might even pick you up at the airport with a cool beverage!

Bimini Bahamas ... South Bimini Airport to Ferry

Bimini Bahamas  ... South Bimini International Airport to the ferry dock.  "International" airport sounds so grand, but in reality it is just a small strip with one building that houses the customs and immigration officers along with the ticket counters.  After all, if you are arriving from somewhere other than the Bahamas you have to be "cleared" to continue on ...

Taxi's are usually there to take you to your destination ... that would be a van or bus of some sort.  Some are colorfully painted and there are a couple of new ones, too.  The next question is, are going to North Bimini? If you are then you will travel to the ferry dock.

This Bimini Bahamas video will show you the way ...

It is about a 5 - 10 minute drive to get to the dock ... of course, some of the taxi  drive pretty fast so you better hang on ... the roads are not all paved and things can get exciting!

If your plans are to stay on South Bimini, the place to stay is Bimini Sands Resort & Marina ...

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Bimini Bahamas ... South Bimini Video

Bimini Bahamas ...  South Bimini video!

It will take you from Bimini Sands Resort & Marina all the way down to the Bimini Beach Club with Mackey's Sand Bar, the Square Grouper and Bimini Twist with its famous sushi bar!

Along the way you will see Port Royale with many of the brightly painted island homes ... be sure to turn up your speakers and enjoy the journey ...

Looking for an island getaway?  Then look no further than Bimini Bahamas.

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Bimini Bahamas ... Island in the Stream!

Bimini Bahamas is indeed an “Island in the Stream” … Gulf Stream, that is ... hovering on the edge of a sheer underwater cliff that falls thousands of feet into a dark blue abyss. While the Gulf Stream flows northward, it washes past Bimini, nurturing its thriving coral reefs and serving as the aquatic super highway for migrating sea life ... from marlin to mantas, dolphin to sea turtles. It’s a one of a kind location that, coupled with its colorful history, makes Bimini a one of a kind diving and fishing getaway.

Bimini Bahamas is actually composed of  two islands … North and South Bimini, with only a short five minute ferry ride across the channel separating the two islands.  The crystal clear waters surrounding the islands make up some of the most pristine and secluded beaches of the world.

Bimini Bahamas has remained relatively unchanged over the years ... a very quiet and peaceful place to live or vacation. Its population is a bit over 1,600 with most of the locals living on in North Bimini.  Biminites are friendly and welcome you to join them for conversation whether you are walking along the Kings Highway or enjoying a cold beverage at a local hang out.

Bimini is most famous for deep sea fishing in the surrounding waters. There are a boatload fishing tournaments from spring through fall beckoning sportsfishermen from all around the globe. A wide variety fish are sought including tuna, grouper, snapper, wahoo and, of course, Marlin.

Ernest Hemingway discovered Bimini and it quickly became his favorite retreat. He was drawn to the big game fishing, local bars and colorful hang outs.   Hemingway netted the island's first big catch of tuna, a 381 pounder in the 1930s. He wrote two of his famous novels while living in Bimini. Unfortunately, his favorite bar and hotel where he lived, the Compleat Angler, burned to the ground in January 2006 destroying much of the memorabilia ... the rubble still remains today six years later.

Bimini had its early beginnings as a rendezvous for rum runners and wreckers who plundered the ships that ran aground on the numerous reefs. Today, the wrecks of Spanish galleons make for fascinating dive sites along with black coral, colorful reef fish and a mysterious stone formation that some say is the lost continent of Atlantis.

Ponce de Leon’s fountain of youth is located in South Bimini and you can splash water from the well on your face ... who knows ... it might even make you feel younger!

If you are looking for that special vacation, then be sure to put Bimini Bahamas on your list!

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Bimini Bahamas ... Enjoy the lifestyle!

Bimini Bahamas is only 48 miles from the coastline of Florida, but far, far away in terms of relaxing lifestyle.

This "Island in the Stream" is for anyone looking for a getaway that includes world class fishing or diving, sugar sand beaches along with gin clear water and a quirky island atmosphere.  The Bahamas offer all this and more!

Turn up your speakers and enjoy this Bimini Bahamas video ...

Bimini Bahamas has something for everyone ... fishing, diving or just relaxing!

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Bimini Bahamas New Years Eve FireWorks!

Bimini Bahamas greeted 2012 with an awesome display of fireworks this year!  What better way to say goodbye to 2011 than to light up the sky and say hello to 2012!

Turn up your speakers and enjoy the show!

The crew set up their display at the Bimini Beach Club and Mackeys Sand Bar.  Before , during and after the FUN continued on until the wee hours of 2012 ... LOL!

Bimini Bahamas was the place to be ...

Thinking of visiting The Bahamas?

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