Bimini Bahamas - Swim with Stingrays

Bimini Bahamas ... it not all about the world class deep sea fishing.  There are a boatload of other cool things to do when you visit Bimini

One of the most fun adventures is feeding stingrays in nearby Honeymoon Harbor. If you bring a bucket of squid, they'll flock to you like puppies. This photos shows Bimini Sands Department Co-Director Katie Grudecki with a family knee-deep in rays enjoying the experience!

This is not a concrete tank that you hop into, but crystal clear Bahamian water.  Shouldn't you come for a visit to the Bahamas soon?

Bimini Bahamas - A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Bimini Bahamas ... It is still officially winter, but is there ever a "bad" time on Bimini?

A sunny Sunday afternoon in March and what better than to stroll along the beach and visit some friends.  Anita who lives right on the beach on South Bimini has wonderful stories to tell since she first came here in the 60's.

Here is the view from her porch ....

The secluded and pristine beaches is really what Bimini Bahamas is all about ... that is when you are not fishing or diving .. LOL!

Bimini Bahamas is certainly not for everyone ... if you need 24/7 entertainment the pace might be too slow for you, but if you need to wind down from a hectic lifestyle, then perhaps you should pack your bags and join us!  Just let me know and I might even pick you up at the airport with a cool beverage!