Bimini Bahamas - Hammertime ... Bimini Biological Field Station

Bimini Bahamas ... Time sensitive announcement ...

Bimini Biological Field Station - Shark lab

We are 24 hours away from embarking on one of most exciting and ambitious projects of the year, and we are looking for one generous donor who would like to put their mark on this! Tomorrow afternoon, we will become the first team (to our knowledge) to ever ACTIVELY track a great hammerhead shark.

Many of you are aware that Bimini, Bahamas has become a very popular site for this charismatic species during the winter months. These animals come in like clockwork to the local dive sites in the afternoon, obviously aware of the bait and scraps that the dive operators provide. But why is it that these animals are only seen here in the afternoons? Where are they spending the rest of their day? Perhaps they head east, to the shallow flats of the Great Bahama Bank, in search of a more hearty meal such as a Blacktip shark or Southern Stingray. Or could it be that they head west, dropping deep into the abyssal waters of the Gulf Stream. These are the unknowns that we hope to uncover.

Now is your chance to do your part! Please email us at if you are interested. We have already received an amazing donation from Sonotronics, who have supplied the unique receiver that will be used to track the transmitter.

Bimini Bahamas - North Bimini Marine Reserve

Bimini Bahamas -

A group of international environmentalists tour The Bahamas, especially areas that are of concern to Save The Bays. One of the locations visited during the tour was the North Bimini Marine Reserve which has been proposed but hasn't been established as a marine protected area by the government.

Information and education is the key ... if we don't do something, who will?

Bimini Bahamas - Genting Expanding Bahamas Casino Venue after Land Deal

Feb 13, 2015 Newsdesk Latest news, Top of the deck, World
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Genting Malaysia Bhd says it has completed a previously announced acquisition of land in order to expand a majority-owned casino hotel venue in the Bahamas.

It gave the news to Bursa Malaysia on Thursday, adding the terms were those mentioned in previous announcements.

The company also operates Resorts World Genting, Malaysia’s only casino resort, which has recently undergone a major refurbishment.

On September 12 the firm had said BB Entertainment Ltd, a unit of Genting Malaysia, was to to pay US$24.6 million to an entity called RAV Bahamas Ltd for a plot on the Bimini Islands, Bahamas.

The 16.2 acres (6.6 hectares) of land is adjacent to Resorts World Bimini. BB Entertainment owns and operates the casino in the property. BB Entertainment is building a 307-key hotel on the land to increase room capacity to cater for more visitors, Genting Malaysia said in earlier filings.

Genting Malaysia – part of the Genting Bhd conglomerate that invests globally in casinos – owns 70 percent of BB Entertainment. RAV Bahamas, a real estate developer, owns the other 30 percent in the company.

The deal includes options for BB Entertainment to acquire up to 103.4 acres of additional adjacent land for possible expansion.

A rival Bahamas gaming property – Baha Mar Casino and Hotel – is due to open this year.


This is such sad news ... where are they going to get all of these tourists?  Does the little quaint island of Bimini really need this?

Bimini Bahamas - Sky Bahamas Increase

Press Release just published:

South Bimini Airport Security Fee
January 30, 2015 at 10:22pm


To All domestic passengers departing from the South Bimini Airport. Effective 29 January 2015, the Bahamas Department of Civil Aviation has implemented a security measure to screen all domestic passengers departing the South Bimini Airport. The Department has levied a cost of $7.00 per passenger which we are required to collect on its behalf. Consequently, Sky Bahamas' ticket prices for outbound domestic flights from South Bimini will reflect this increase with immediate effect. We thank you for your continued patronage.


It seems that getting to the Bahamas is just a little more expensive  :-(