Bimini Bahamas - Hammertime ... Bimini Biological Field Station

Bimini Bahamas ... Time sensitive announcement ...

Bimini Biological Field Station - Shark lab

We are 24 hours away from embarking on one of most exciting and ambitious projects of the year, and we are looking for one generous donor who would like to put their mark on this! Tomorrow afternoon, we will become the first team (to our knowledge) to ever ACTIVELY track a great hammerhead shark.

Many of you are aware that Bimini, Bahamas has become a very popular site for this charismatic species during the winter months. These animals come in like clockwork to the local dive sites in the afternoon, obviously aware of the bait and scraps that the dive operators provide. But why is it that these animals are only seen here in the afternoons? Where are they spending the rest of their day? Perhaps they head east, to the shallow flats of the Great Bahama Bank, in search of a more hearty meal such as a Blacktip shark or Southern Stingray. Or could it be that they head west, dropping deep into the abyssal waters of the Gulf Stream. These are the unknowns that we hope to uncover.

Now is your chance to do your part! Please email us at if you are interested. We have already received an amazing donation from Sonotronics, who have supplied the unique receiver that will be used to track the transmitter.